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Whatcombe Facilities

Whatcombe is a bedrock of racing tradition, since moving from Lambourn to train from here in 1986 Paul’s ambition has been to create the perfect modern environment for Thoroughbreds in training. From this idyllic private location we give horses all they need to keep calm and mentally fresh; everything is tailored to their individual needs.


The facilities include private gallops, an equine pool and 120 stables; Whatcombe is arguably the most iconic and magnificent racehorse training facility in the UK.


The impressive estate boasts some of the best Downlands in the UK, Whatcombe’s private turf gallops have been undisturbed for centuries, set in over 450 acres, they provide ideal conditions for every horse in training. As well as the turf we have constructed gallops of a variety of artificial surfaces and gradients providing year round access to training and enabling Whatcombe’s runners to achieve the peak of fitness regardless of the vagaries of English weather.

Our stabling is carefully thought-out on site; our purpose built brick box yards are laid out allocating own space for fillies and colts. We are also able to isolate horses coming into the yard; a key bio-security measure to ensure we limit any nasty bugs landing with us mid-season.

The indoor school is a significant asset, it means horses can get out whatever the weather, warm up and down after exercise, a furlong in circumference; it is especially valuable for exercising the younger horses, to give them confidence and education in a safe calm environment before they begin to take bigger steps out on to the gallops.


Whatcombe also has a purpose built lunge area for breaking the young horses and a horse walker, perfect for allowing horses to stretch their legs and for those that aren't in full training to have additional exercise.


Our equine pool lets the horses with injuries maintain fitness. Horses thoroughly enjoy the experience of swimming and it is an important asset to have on site.

Summer Down Gallop

The gallop has spectacular views over the Lambourn Valley. Summer Down is historically the winter gallop, with a turf gallop over chalk, which allows quick drainage from the winter climate, so the horses won't struggle in bad ground.  Summer Down also has a one mile and a quarter woodchip gallop with a very low attrition rate.


Woolley Gallop

Several Derby winners have been trained on Woolley Downs, one of the best training gallops in the country, known both for the superlative quality of its turf and for its contours which closely resemble those of Tattenham Corner. Woolley is the summer gallop, which doesn't open until May, when the spring comes into the grass. Some of the most eminent jockeys have been most complimentary about the gallop, admiring the springiness and the safety for the work horses.


Paradise Gallop

Paradise, a sand and oil five-furlong gallop, has a record of producing very strong two-year-olds, for which Whatcombe is famed. It is a good and safe gallop to train young horses for the coming season and educate them for the races to come.

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